It’s time once again for the Clarion West Write-a-thon, a benefit event to support Clarion West, a nonprofit literary educational organization whose goal is to educate new writers in the field of speculative fiction. “Although there are fine science fiction and fantasy writers of all ethnicities, races, and genders, historically the field has reflected the same prejudices found in the culture around it, leading to proportionately fewer successful writers of color and women writers than white male writers. Within the limitations of the workshop, Clarion West is dedicated to improving those proportions.”

I am calling out to my friends to sponsor me in the Clarion West Write-a-thon this year. Think of a Write-a-thon like a Walk-a-thon, but instead of miles walked writers set a writing goal to complete each week for the six-weeks. My goal this year is to revise 3 chapters or more from Shadow Magic, the sequel to Ancestral Magic. At the end of each week I will post a small excerpt from the section revised at my blog and updates on how the work is progressing.

You can sponsor me for the Write-a-thon at any amount per week ($1/week, $5/week, $10/week, $20/week and so on…) or a flat amount for the whole six weeks. At the end of the six weeks I will have a drawing for all those who sponsored me, and the wiinner to receive a copy of one of my novels of their choice, including the soon to be released Worlds Collide. You can sponsor me
here, and also please comment on my blog post on live journal or dreamwidth so I have a list of sponsors for the drawing. Thank you very much for supporting such a great program.


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