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( May. 1st, 2010 12:27 am)
Here’s the update like I promised. It’s kinda long so being nice and potting it under the cut. The timeline for this will likely not be at all liner, so bear with me. My brain is very overworked so if I missed typos I apologize now. Thanks to everyone who popped in to say hello. I will try to not be such a stranger. :)
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The 2009-2010 school year has been beyond exciting, even though I have done little to no fiction writing since fall began. I did take a creative writing course this semester and got to explore doing poetry again. I might post some of the work I have done in there if folks are interested. College has been a lot of work, frustrating and draining at times, but also very transformational.

Okay. I admit it. I have not nurtured my blog as one should. I am ashamed. *hangs head* Every time I thought to post I considered all I’d have to write to update everyone and the task felt overwhelming. So much has happened and I worried I’d bore people just rambling on and on about it all. I decided if I didn’t find a way past this concern I’d trap myself by it.


Here’s what I intend to do. I will give a condensed update from when I started school last fall until now. If people have question or what to hear more about anything, just poke me and say so. With the semester coming to a close in a few weeks I should have more time to keep up with blogging, plus share with ya’ll some of the things I am planning for this summer.


Yes, in a way this is a teasing post. I have some homework to do right now, and the update will be coming later tonight (I promise!). There’s some big stuff in it, so keep an eyes out. This has been an amazing two semesters for me.


I finished my essay for Eng 102 on the subject of acceptance of two-spirit identities past and present. I not only hope it gets me a good grade (:P) but that after the end of the semesters' portfolio judging my words can be used to educate. People need to understand the damaging effects our limited dualist gender system is having upon our children and the deep cutting emotional wounds left on these children when they grow to adulthood.

My essay is dedicated to Fred C. Martinez Jr. and all other two spirit and non-Native LGBTQ whose outer expressions of gender and sexual non-conformity and fluidity makes them a targets to the agents of hate infecting the heart and soul of our communities and schools. These sacred souls of our global family will never be forgotten.

Most of all I dedicate my righteous rage and my guardian spirit to the children who bravely walk a different path from that of most of their peers. I dedicate my passionate words and drive to facilitate change to the youth who rather than milling along with the masses stand true to themselves, leaving them far too often often standing alone.

You are not alone. I fight so that once day none of our children will have reason to doubt that they are valued and loved for who they are. I fight so that all of our children are safe. Until my spirit passes from this body into the arms of my ancestors, I will never stop fighting. Our children will know love. Our children will know pride. Our children will know acceptance. No matter what it takes, our children will be safe. As we will it, so shall it be!!!



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