Decompressing a bit today about surviving my first solo reading and pouting over the cool weather when I was hoping for summer temps. I have a new (new to me anyways) vintage bike I’m looking forward to breaking in and want some nice weather for my first official ride. It’s my first bike and I’m looking forward to getting used to riding. Please forgive if there's a ton of typos today, my brain's a tad distracted lately as am I.

I also got a reminder from Outpost that my order of soy beans is in and it got me thinking about making my own tofu. I’ve found since I stopped eating meat I’ve had some grilled and sautéed tofu I really liked and am looking forward to learning how to prepare it myself. I really need to cook more and tightened the food budget with needing to pay off bills and prepare to afford school this fall.

Making Soymilk and Tofu )

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( Jun. 1st, 2009 07:53 am)
The past few days have been crazy, but before I start with my update, I wanted to let folks know that my interview is up at Paperback Diva.

Cut to spare some folks from any possible moontime related discomfort.  )
Thanks to pegkerr for the heads up on this one.

Now these only work during the day, but wow in an area where you get a good amount of sun year round and have a workshop or windowless place you need lit, this could be very useful.



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