I’m getting the last of the packing done for Wiscon and making arrangements so the kitties are taken care of while we’re gone. Once again we get to spend the nicest weekend (weather wise) for a while indoors at a convention *sigh*. I’m gonna have to find time to hit the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I’m on the second version of this post (the first being eaten when the power burped) so hopefully I don’t forget anything.

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moondancerdrake: (Ancestral Magic)
( Apr. 29th, 2009 01:23 pm)
I am so looking forward to Wiscon, especially in the melancholy of the past few days since Oddcon. My 6 year old, goddess bless her, thought it’d be fun to dump out all the capsules from her brother’s ADhD meds down the back stairs, a mistake that just cost us $200 we couldn’t afford. Fortunately we still have time to rearrange the cash to afford the Wiscon hotel still, and hopefully to pay the photo shoot I had scheduled while there. Looks like the book buying budget will be less this year.

On the bright side, here’s the most recent version of my Wiscon schedule. As you can tell I have Saturday and Sunday free (I’d rather be on panels, but what can ya do) . I still have a couple panels, a reading, and the Sign Out. Not sure what the anonymous deal in the first panel is though.

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