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( May. 11th, 2009 08:44 am)
This has been an amazing few days. I saw Star trek on Thursday. It rocked hardcore! In fact I liked it so much I went to see it again on Sunday (I never see movies in the theatre twice anymore, to expensive). Yep, just as good the second time around. How many things can you say that about? Sunday wasn’t all good. I got pulled over for a dead headlight I didn’t know about to find out my DL expired my last bday and that my kind of car is the more stolen right now. Fun.

I went and played IFGS (live action fantasy role playing) for the first time in over 6 years. I even took the kids who were also allowed to play (even the 6 year old). We all had a great time. I didn’t release how much we missed IFGS when people were having fun rather than ego wrangling. This group is full of new faces and enthusiasm. Just what we needed. They really need more folks to play and NPC, as well as someone besides they 4 who are doing it now to write and run games. I’m thinking about trying to write a couple games and run them to give the other folks a break.

An then this morning I got the biggest thrill. My very first review for Ancestral Magic. The best part is not only was the review very well done and through, but there are no spoilers either. What a great way to start a day. If I’m lucky I’ll hear soon if my publisher likes the sequel as much as they did the first novel.

I’m already exhausted thinking about all the things I still have to do to get ready for [community profile] oddcon , not to mention the other events happening today. This week (starting today) there’s a chance to win a copy of Ancestral Magic over at Women and Word’s blog (just comment to be added to the drawing, and I’m have a chat over all day at the Henderson Files.

Here’s what the weekend list on panels looks like (at least the one’s I’m in). Except for the RFR, and dear Lori in the one panel, the testosterone looks to be high for these. Should prove interesting.

Friday 10:30 pm

13. Crossing Cultures. Let us explore the phenomenon of creating futures in which culture is not the standard "Indo-European paradigm; where people aren't all white bread. Why and how do writers choose the settings and cultural paradigms in their novels? Do you what you know? Write what you'd like to see happen? Write what you fear the future will be? What comes first, the world, or the story? (Or the characters?). Writing. Moondancer Drake, Jim Frenkel, Sean T. Stiennon, Patrick Rothfuss

Saturday 4pm (after the author signings, if you are there feel free to come to those and say hi)

17. Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Readings. Members of the Broad Universe group will do short readings. F.J. Bergmann Moondancer Drake, Lori Devoti, Kathy Sullivan

Sunday 10:00 am

50. People and Animals. There are animals in the lives of most writers. How do the animals they put in their books function? Are they necessary to the sanity of writers? Do they chiefly function as a means to explore human character and personality? Should all animals be shot? All people? Will Shetterly, Moondancer Drake, Chris Welch, Lori Devoti, Jim Frenkel

Sunday 1pm

58. Writing Realistic Action. Fighting armored soldiers or an alien demon, clinging to the back of a dragon, casting an enormous spell - it is fantastic, but it needs to seem real. How does a writer control the elements of time, space and movement to create a believable action scene? (could include scriptwriting and comics). Patrick Rothfuss, Alex Bledsoe, Adrian Drake, Moondancer Drake

I wanted to let folks know that I’ll be having an author chat on Midnight Moon Café Friday, and there will be a chance to win a copy of Ancestral Magic. I’ll love to see some of you there.

Also, has anyone here been to zazzle? How's the quality of the shirts and such there? Thinking about having promo stuff made to wear to cons and readings since I can't find a local place to do it.

And in another thought…  )
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( Apr. 15th, 2009 06:55 am)
Okay, I’ll say it, if I’d known the lesbian book club was this much fun I’d have joined ages ago. I admit being shy (I am, I’m not joking, I talk a lot because I am nervous or because we’ve hit a topic I am passionate about) makes speaking in front of people really hard, but the ladies were so welcoming, and there was lots of laughter to be had. We discussed “Fireside” by Cate Culpepper with mixed feelings on the story. Everyone thought the writing was quite good, but had more mixed feeling about the story itself. I won’t go into what was said, but I’ll admit I wish I could’ve gotten to know the character of Cleo more, and also that it was less about the core romance and more about the important work around domestic violence and the women and children at the center.

I did find out that the store (which I think started out with 6 copies of my book) was sold out of Ancestral Magic and was ordering more copies. From what Carl and some of the women said I got the idea that there’d be quite a number of requests for the book. One of the women threatened bodily hard to any one who touched “her copy” of Ancestral magic, and that made me smile. I signed to book before we began and answered a few question about Ancestral Magic near the end of the group.

Next month is “My Life with Stella Kane” by Linda Morganstein. It looks like another romance, which I admit is not normally my preference, but I’m looking forward to hooking up with the group to discuss it just the same.

On a side note for those who think Amazonfail talk is dying down, I didn’t find that to be so among the women in the reading group. What happened made them even more determined they said to support their local LGBT store (which by the stack of books I saw many of these women buy they really support the lesfic and the store a lot). Something else that made me smile. One women there is an author herself and not only has already read Ancestral magic, but is chomping at the bit to talk about it. :) It was a good evening.



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