I’ve been struggling since yesterday about how to write about Dr. Tiller’s murder, but I feared I was still too angry to be rational. I posted the following in a friend’s lj, and realized after writing it that it pretty much summed up what I wanted to say.

I think of the rage I felt every time I had to walk a woman past a line of protestors who screamed horrible things at her without knowing anything about her story. I’ve read about the unconscionable things done to doctors like Dr Tiller, who no matter the fear and the violence their suffered, continue to do their jobs. The bravery of these doctors, and everyone who worked in those clinics to give women a safe place to carry out a very hard choice is phenomenal.

These pro-lifers talk about respect for life, and yes so do mean it, but for others like the shooter and those like him have no idea what true respect for the sanctity of life means. My heart goes out to Dr. Tiller’s friend and family, to all the lives this murder and other like it have touched, and too the people gathering for the vigil in Boston. We are with you.

Thanks to silk_noir for this link

Dr. Tiller In His Own Words



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