Awhile ago I talked about a remake of the Beauty and the Beast story I did and of finding it a new home. Well today that has become a reality. My modern fairy tale, “Isabella”, is now available through Shadowfire Press, and at $2.50 what a steal. :)

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I just got an email from Shadowfire press that my first ebook, Nashoba’s Hope, has just gone live today on this site. It’s novella length, so great for as quick read. It's listed as historic romance, but as a shapeshifter novel there's plenty of paranormal.

Nashoba's Hope by Moondancer Drake

Genre: Historic Erotic Romance
Heat Rating: Warm
Warnings: GLBT f/f
Length: Long Story-12,300 words / 67 pages
Price: $3.75

Coming April 17th from Shadowfire Press

The sins of the past and desires of the present collide for two women caught in a war between their people.


Nashoba is a shifter, a warrior with the gift to take the form of both woman and beast. She is also the last of her tribe after smallpox killed everyone she ever loved, including her wife and sons. Now gathered together with other shifter kin, she battles to make a home for them all, and to seek revenge on the white soldiers she blames for the death of her family.

May came to America in the wake of her sister's death to look after her brother-in-law and their farm. May is working to find a place far from the European universities she was buried in, a task she fears is as hopeless as finding love. A nighttime attack on her brother by a mysterious Indian woman threatens to undo everything May has ever known. In the wake of the attack, May finds herself inexplicably drawn to the woman responsible for it.

Is there hope for these two women to find common ground coming from worlds so far apart, or will deep-set hatreds and old wounds doom them and their people to a bloody war no one can truly win?

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( Apr. 15th, 2009 06:55 am)
Okay, I’ll say it, if I’d known the lesbian book club was this much fun I’d have joined ages ago. I admit being shy (I am, I’m not joking, I talk a lot because I am nervous or because we’ve hit a topic I am passionate about) makes speaking in front of people really hard, but the ladies were so welcoming, and there was lots of laughter to be had. We discussed “Fireside” by Cate Culpepper with mixed feelings on the story. Everyone thought the writing was quite good, but had more mixed feeling about the story itself. I won’t go into what was said, but I’ll admit I wish I could’ve gotten to know the character of Cleo more, and also that it was less about the core romance and more about the important work around domestic violence and the women and children at the center.

I did find out that the store (which I think started out with 6 copies of my book) was sold out of Ancestral Magic and was ordering more copies. From what Carl and some of the women said I got the idea that there’d be quite a number of requests for the book. One of the women threatened bodily hard to any one who touched “her copy” of Ancestral magic, and that made me smile. I signed to book before we began and answered a few question about Ancestral Magic near the end of the group.

Next month is “My Life with Stella Kane” by Linda Morganstein. It looks like another romance, which I admit is not normally my preference, but I’m looking forward to hooking up with the group to discuss it just the same.

On a side note for those who think Amazonfail talk is dying down, I didn’t find that to be so among the women in the reading group. What happened made them even more determined they said to support their local LGBT store (which by the stack of books I saw many of these women buy they really support the lesfic and the store a lot). Something else that made me smile. One women there is an author herself and not only has already read Ancestral magic, but is chomping at the bit to talk about it. :) It was a good evening.



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