moondancerdrake: (Moondancer Drake)
( Nov. 24th, 2009 08:06 am)
And here is something fun to share while I enjoy my new "...and then Buffy staked Edward. The End." shirt

and now that I have your attention...

Chase Community Giving is donating $5,000,000 to charities around the USA. Facebook users are voting for the recipients! Moondancer voted for a charity called Growing Power Inc.

Growing Power is a national nonprofit organization and land trust supporting people from diverse backgrounds, and the environments in which they live, by helping to provide equal access to healthy, high-quality, safe and affordable food for people in all communities. Growing Power implements this mission by providing h...ands-on training, on-the-ground demonstration, outreach and technical assistance through the development of Community Food Systems that help people grow, process, market and distribute food in a sustainable manner. You can also read more at our BLOG

Please support the work that Growing Power does and VOTE for them for the the Chase grant money



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