Monday at Wiscon is always the saddest day and the busiest. Lucky Adrian was nice enough to handle the checking out of the hotel so I could do my panel and the Sign Out. Next year we’re going to see if we can afford to arrive a day early and stay a day late to give us more time to be social and less rushing.

I heard so many wonderful things about the guest of honor speeches and the awards event I wish I could’ve gone to the event. Adrian was running the AV last night so I stayed in the room with my daughter and got the much needed rest. Even so I was still exhausted Monday as I packed out things and went off to my first panel. “Tech Tools for Writers” I took lots of notes for this panel, some I will share later as I look into the tools mentioned.

“Getting It Wrong Gracefully” was a mixed bag I think. Good conversation were had, but some of the things at least one (maybe two, I’m still processing) of my fellow panelists said I found rather problematic. I also discovered the father of my kids might need another conversation on how to choose his words carefully when asking a question from a privileged point of view (a conversation which I admit gave us something to do on the ride home). Even with some of the challenges, I really feel some good did come out of this conversation, maybe if nothing else then the reminder safe space need to be had for more of these talks to happen.

The Sign Out was an experience. I stole the spot next to Nnedi and even though not a lot of folks stopped by for me to sign stuff, I had some kick ass conversations. It was an amazing feeling to be there my first year as a published author.

Days later I am still tired, emotionally and physically, but I am so glad I went this year. I miss so many people so deeply, it’s like leaving my family behind. Once a year never feels like it’s enough.

Okay, about halfway through the weekend now, and even so the whole Wiscon was going by way too fast. Some fail today (even a little on my part *sad* and possible triggers ahead), but still a good day all in all.

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I know I’m way late on this, but trouble was waiting on out return home and I’ve been too tired to gather brain mass together to write this. My apologies for the lateness. I will do this in several parts since I’ve not had much luck formatting multiple cuts in one post. I know I will forget people, and for that I am very sorry. It was confusing to keep track of con and LJ/DW names especially since I suck at remembering names anyways.

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