Right in the midst of the mad dash to complete National Rebirth I was hit with several days of extreme exhaustion followed by several more days of back and abdomen pain. Needless to say this not only interfered with my writing but also my blogging. Doing my best to catch up.

About a week and a half later the doctor still aren't sure if it was gynological or related to my IBS, but it's at least improved enough for me to attempt to write today. At first, the symptoms reminded me of what I had experienced prior to my pregnancies, but nothing that exciting it seems. The test for that came up negative so if I was pregnant, I'm not anymore. :( 

I took a long bath, and am now sitting in a room cooled by a fan, though in this heat the fan’s not doing much. I did actually make it to see Eclipse last week with my son, and while there were a lot of parts that I like about the movie, I admit the writer made choices with characters that bugs me. I guess I figure it's a learning experience. By seeing what other writers do that as a viewer or reader I don't like, it makes me think about those things when it comes to my own writing.

I still intend on boycotting Avatar; The Last Airbender, and from what I see of the reviews I'm not missing much. It's sometimes hard to make that choice, do not want to financially support a product, business, or element of entertainment while the geeky part of me is wondering if I'm missing something really cool. I just can't see this movie. It breaks my heart to watch the trailers, to see the characters whitewashed the way they have been, especially Kitara and Sakka after years of watching Native characters being played by non-Native actors. This is a cartoon that has deeply touched every member of my family. It deserved better. We deserved better.

On a positive note, I started getting e-mails from people who read Natural Order, which had done a lot to raise my spirits. Nothing better on a day you feel like crap then getting an e-mail from someone you don't know tell you how a story you’ve written has touched them. The day the feedback from my readers fails to affect me in such a deep way, is the day that I'd need to stop writing. It's better than chocolate, and I LUV chocolate.

Related to writing, not that I'm complaining, but I wish that my muse would let me finish a project before she threw six or seven new ideas at me for something else. I often hear other writers talk about having creative blocks, but when I'm not sick or distracted, the ideas don't seem to ever stop coming. Now if my muse could stick to one project at a time, that would be helpful. The most insistent of these ideas is the steam punk novel (was supposed to be a short story, not looking that way now) and the vampire police crime novel.

Yes, I said it. Vampire police. I admit, I generally prefer shifters. As many issues as the twilight series has, my family is very much Team Jacob. Except for a couple short stories, I really hadn't intended on writing a novel in which the main character, the central character, was a vampire. It seems my muse has other ideas. Before y'all start thinking Forever Knight, I intend on a main character starting human and becoming a vampire as part of her story.

The fun part is (I mean that with a dash of sarcasm) is the fact that I know nothing about police work, police procedure, in fact I don't read police or crime novels. I've watched several episodes of cops, have played in a superpowered cop game, I love watching forensic investigation shows. That's the extent of my knowledge. I called around to the Police Academy, and the local law enforcement divisions, hoping like they have in some states there was a police procedure for writers workshop, no such luck. This wouldn't be such a problem if it wasn't for the fact the story is claiming 75% of my brain while I try to concentrate on finishing Natural Rebirth, and planning on doing the research for the steam punk story. Not the best timing for something requiring such a large amount of research.

In any case I picked up a couple books from the local library, “Police procedure and investigation: a guide for writers” by Lee Lofland, and two of the Writer's Digest whodunit series, “police procedural” and “modus operandi”. I'm hoping these will help. I know I know a junk load of people that are current or former police officers, so once I'm ready to really dig into that project I just have to remember who they are. Jobs are generally the last thing I remember people by, weirdly enough. I'm just hoping that I can hold the overwhelming urge off to work on the research for the story so I can finish the last few chapters of Natural Rebirth. So close!


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