Today I'm here to present the first of the promised Wiscon updates, namely the one for Friday, May 27th. I admit I was uncertain whether we ere going to make it Friday morning in time for my writers workshop at all, with two kids in tow and a third adult to pick up on the way (my sis [personal profile] xakara ), but I managed to get there okay. And hence, where the ongoing fun begins…

(note: you will notice a lack of names and lj links, because after an evening of working into the weehours on my Nativepunk (as in Steampunk) outfit I can't remember who I wanted to mention who has an lj/dw, just toooooo many faces from Friday floating in my brain all at one. Feel free to poke me lj/dw Wiscon friends and I will add when more coherent ;) Same if you see typos I need to fix :P )

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