My heart is full today, but at the same time it is heavy. Wiscon 35 was an amazing experience, with even the minor fail leading to amazing conversations and much win. I miss everyone terribly, especially the sister of my deepest heart [personal profile] xakara  who I was fortunate enough to spend a few last moments with today before she has to head back home tomorrow. This is not the first year I wish Wiscon was a week long or more rather than just a few days, but I felt that desire even stronger this year than I have in the past. Going to Wiscon is like coming home, my feelings of family there is strong in many ways stronger than among most of my blood relations, and when I’m away from them I feel as if an important part of my spirit is missing too. Now I know that I have been very quiet within the blog world since I’ve returned to college, and yes, I do plan to tell you all more about my experiences at Wiscon this year, but for now as I prepare to put the little ones to bed I felt the need to send my love out to my special Wiscon family. Safe travels, sweet dreams, and know as always I got your back.


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