Okay. I admit it. I have not nurtured my blog as one should. I am ashamed. *hangs head* Every time I thought to post I considered all I’d have to write to update everyone and the task felt overwhelming. So much has happened and I worried I’d bore people just rambling on and on about it all. I decided if I didn’t find a way past this concern I’d trap myself by it.


Here’s what I intend to do. I will give a condensed update from when I started school last fall until now. If people have question or what to hear more about anything, just poke me and say so. With the semester coming to a close in a few weeks I should have more time to keep up with blogging, plus share with ya’ll some of the things I am planning for this summer.


Yes, in a way this is a teasing post. I have some homework to do right now, and the update will be coming later tonight (I promise!). There’s some big stuff in it, so keep an eyes out. This has been an amazing two semesters for me.




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